Ā Bruning Group: The Right Provider for Complete Data Coverage


This case study highlights how Bruning Group, a market leader in energy-supplying bulk materials and semiconductor manufacturing, partnered with InfoDataPlace to expand its contact list within the renewable energy and recycling industries. It also highlights the process undertaken, the key deliverables, and the client’s feedback. This sheds light on the importance of comprehensive data coverage for effective business outreach.

Client Background

Bruning Group is an internationally growing company that specializes in supplying combined heat and power plants with renewable fuels such as woodchips and waste wood. Additionally, they provide high-quality soil improvers and maintain efficient in-house logistics to ensure a steady flow of materials from their suppliers.

The Challenge

Bruning Group wants to enhance its contact list by targeting renewable energy and recycling professionals. They seek to engage individuals from specific departments, including Purchase, Operations, and senior roles.

Client Requirement

Bruning Group required a data solution focusing on renewable energy and recycling companies from different countries globally. They aimed to obtain contact information for key personnel across multiple departments, enabling effective communication and business opportunities.


A team of experienced senior data analysts was assigned to the project. Recognizing the industry-specific nature of the task, the team embarked on a comprehensive 12-day process to generate a custom contact list. The list encompassed professionals from countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, and Norway, targeting Purchase heads and senior contacts from renewable energy and recycling companies operating in those geographies.


Upon project completion, the custom contact list was delivered to the client within the agreed-upon timeframe. The client received detailed data cuts tailored to their specific needs, offering insights into familiar and previously unknown contacts. Seamless communication between InfoDataPlace and the client was facilitated via email, ensuring smooth and efficient collaboration.

Client Feedback

The client expressed satisfaction with the delivered data, acknowledging its relevance to their business objectives. While appreciating the detailed data cut that aligned with their requirements, the client emphasized the positive impact it had on identifying both familiar and new contacts. The ease of communication via email further contributed to a successful engagement with the data provider.


By leveraging InfoDataPlaceā€™ S expertise and their industry-specific knowledge, Bruning Group successfully enhanced their contact list, fostering new connections within the renewable energy and recycling sectors. This case study demonstrates the importance of tailored data solutions in facilitating targeted outreach and establishing valuable business relationships.


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