Building a Sales & Marketing Engine Using InfoDataPlace


3Squared is a leading provider of expert consultancy on rail technology, specializing in developing digital solutions to address both existing and emerging challenges in the railway sector. Their comprehensive services include Technology Consultancy, Smartphone Software Development, Android Development, iOS Development, Mobile Application Development, API Development, Application modernization, Native Mobile Development, UI Design, Bespoke Software, and Digital Rail. This case study will explore how 3Squared partnered with InfoDataPlace to enhance its sales and marketing efforts.

The Challenge

3Squared faced a key challenge of expanding its contact list within the rail supply chain sector. They recognized the need to connect with various departments, including Operators, Forwarders, Carriers, and senior-level contacts in specific areas.

Client Requirement

To address their challenge, 3Squared outlined their requirement to target the railway sector and obtain the contact details of decision-makers in relevant departments, including identifying contacts at Operators, Forwarders, Carriers, and senior role contacts in specific departments.


Upon receiving the client’s requirements, a team of senior data analysts was assigned to the project. Recognizing the task’s niche-specific nature, the team generated a custom contact list over 10 days. The list encompassed contacts from different states and included data on operation heads and CEOs of various railways in the respective geographies.


After careful evaluation and quality assurance, the finalized contact list was delivered to 3Squared within the agreed timeframe.

Client Feedback

Marie Hanby, the Marketing Head at 3Squared, expressed their satisfaction with the services provided by InfoDataPlace. She highlighted their positive experience with the company, stating.

“InfoDataPlace supplied us with quotations based on data counts, and we were really pleased with the level of service and quality of the data provided. We were kept informed of progress throughout the entire process, which helped us plan and execute our sales and marketing strategies effectively.”


By partnering with InfoDataPlace, 3Squared successfully addressed their challenge of expanding their contact list within the rail supply chain sector. The custom contact list, generated by senior data analysts, enabled them to connect with decision-makers in various departments. The seamless delivery of the project and the high-quality data provided by InfoDataPlace greatly contributed to 3Squared’s sales and marketing efforts, allowing them to make informed business decisions and foster meaningful connections within the railway sector.


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