Close more deals faster with InfoDataPlace

Fill your pipeline with qualified prospects using our human-verified contact information and buying-intent signals.

Accurate Human-Verified Data

Our world-class research team verifies and validates our data accuracy by calling direct dial phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, sending emails, and double-checking everything.

90-Day Reverification

We reverify our company and contact data every 90 days in order to ensure the highest level of accuracy and avoid data decay.

Most Direct Dial Numbers in the Industry

Our human-verified direct dial numbers and email allow you to instantly find and call your future customers.

Research on Demand

Verify the status of your existing contacts and auto export them to your CRM. Our global team of 200+ human researchers hunt down the right contact information for the accounts you want to reach.


Double your database size using Infodataplace

"We revamped 3Squared's database and doubled its size in a month"

- Marie Hanby, Marketing Head at 3Squared

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We provide you with the right marketing list, a strong message, and an attractive design to engage your audience. Our process is ultimately geared to grow your company by increasing traffic and conversions that all starts with our email list.


Our data experts can help you define and size your addressable market.


Data processed for enrichment to ensure they are accurate and up to date.


Our experts schedule deployment to ensure engagement.

Define your ideal customer profile to acquire the data you need.


Fill the gaps by adding the missing details to boost the outreach.


Our team keeps track of opens, click throughs, and reports the final results of the campaign.


50% Jump in connection rate

precise marketing strategy allowed us to effectively target businesses that could truly benefit from our services, resulting in connections with decision makers and a significant influx of new clients.

Kim Donggyun

Marketing Manager at Philips

Better Prospecting & Time saving

We overcame the challenge of finding the right point of contact, and the compiled data we received perfectly aligned with our belongings.

James Orth

Key Account Manager at Bruning Group

Optimized Client Acquisition

InfoDataPlace made it easy for us to reach out to potential clients abroad by providing us with their contact information and doubled the database size in month.

Marie Hanby

Marketing Head at 3Squared