Mailing lists by zip code work wonders for direct marketers

Zip Code Mailing List

A large number of direct marketers spend a lot of time and effort in creating mailers and sending them out. While direct mailing does have a lot of marketing benefits, this proves to be even more fruitful in case the marketing is targeted. This holds especially true for local businesses, which sell their products or services in a select geographical location.

This is where buying a zip code mailing list can help out. There are a large number of companies which sell targeted mailing lists based on zip codes and such lists can prove to be really helpful. Mailing lists are often detailed out to include a lot of data about potential customers, such as:

  • Name, Age and Gender
  • Contact details
  • Estimated income , estimated home value, net worth
  • Occupation of person
  • Marital status

Years spent in residence, etc.
Such details can then be used by marketers to filter out and target their marketing campaigns. By doing so, not only do costs come down, but marketers can also increasingly shift their focus towards creating more attractive and direct marketing campaigns. Not only zip codes are helpful in the direct marketing campaign. You can also emphasize its use in finding zip code based email marketing list which will help to pinpoint your Geo based target audience.

How mailing lists based on zip codes work

Companies providing mailing list by zip code sell such lists to direct marketers. Marketers can then choose to map out their deliveries based on these potential customers. The best part about this is that marketers can plan and narrow down their deliveries, down to street level. This can dramatically reduce delivery costs, while also ensuring that the campaign reaches out to prospective customers.

Buying such mailing lists can also work great in conducting analysis and market research. While such targeted mailers definitely increase awareness of a campaign, they can also be used to expand on market by acquiring newer customers.

A guide on making use of mailing lists

Before you jump into sending out your mailers, here is a handy guide for you to consider:

  • Make sure to analyze your target market to understand who can potentially be your customer
  • Take a look at your competitors and how they take advantage of direct mailing lists
  • Buy mailing lists from a reputed company, one which has wide access to residential lists
  • Estimate your budget. Focus your efforts on designing your mailer.

The list will help you reach out to the best possible customers