Direct Mailing Lists Benefits


While many people in this day and age have abandoned direct marketing mailing lists in favor of “flashier” or “newer” marketing methods, direct mailing lists are still the most effective way to engage with the widest number of customers on the most regular basis. When your marketing material is right in their inbox, they do not have to go out and find it, meaning there is a much higher efficacy rate. But what are some of the benefits of direct mailing lists?

More Focused Targeting

Even if you do not gather the addresses for your list yourself, if you use a service that provides you with email addresses, most services segment their addresses by demographic information. This means that you will have access to hundreds of thousands of people who are going to be extremely receptive to your message.

Unlike placing an ad on a webpage, where you can only hope that interested parties will first, visit the webpage and second, see and click on your ad, direct marketing mailing lists grant you access to customers that are highly likely to want to hear what you have to say—and your message is delivered in a format this is useful and convenient for their needs. There really is not better way to target your marketing or to make it convenient for your potential customers.

Fits Into Most Budgets

One of the best features of direct mailing lists and email marketing is that you can spend ten dollars a month, or you can thousands of dollars a month, either in acquiring addresses or in crafting the right message or specialized emails. There are plenty of services that will handle your mail, allowing you to create all the letters or postcards at once, but stagger their release as necessary. There are even services that will build you unique templates, write the content, and manage your list and responses to your mail.

How much you spend will depend on how massive of a direct mailing lists you want and how much work you have time and energy to put into the marketing yourself. If you only need to gather a mailing lists direct from a company and then can create all of the materials yourself, then you can save quite a bit of money, especially over other marketing ventures. However, if you do not have the time or the skills necessary to create an effective direct mail campaign, the investment will be a little bit higher, but the gains are also likely to be greater.

Reach Customers That Do Not Have Or Do Not Use The Computer

One of the biggest benefits of direct mailing lists is the ability to reach consumers that never or only rarely use the computer. While this may seem like a small percentage of the population, there are actually many people that use the internet only occasionally, and if they do, ignore adverts or even have software that will block them. This leaves a large swath of the population that never sees any marketing materials.

However, with a direct mailing lists, you can gain access to these consumers, targeting them where they live and with a message that they are likely to respond to, because the message and the format are tailored towards this customer. A well-designed, well-copied postcard or letter is still the best way to reach most consumers, but specifically those for whom the internet is a novelty, or is simply not a part of their everyday lives.

Perfect Venue For Promotions And Sale Announcements

The best place to publicize a sale, even an online one, is through your direct mailing list. This is especially true if you offer special promotions on a person’s birthday or other holiday. The message will be extremely relevant and actionable on that day.

Because many people respond to physical impetus more frequently than non-physical reminders, a postcard is often the best way to announce a special sale or promotion, especially if you have a brick and mortar store that the individual can visit. This kind of marketing’s efficacy is also easy to measure, as you can see the growth in sales after each usage of your direct mailing lists.

Direct Mailing Lists Are Not As Popular As They Once Were

They were once the core of the marketing world, but because of the advent of the internet, they have not seen as much use in recent times. They are, however, still an effective way to reach consumers and convert them into customers. And because it is so budget-efficient, even small, new companies can take advantage of this marketing channel, even if they are strapped for cash.