How we collect our data

In-house team. No matter how perfect modern technology is, it will not fully replace the human-verified capabilities any time soon. This is the reason why our in-house team collects, organises and validates a wide range of datasets on a daily basis. On top of that, our smart alarms system allows you to set up the changes you’d like to be notified of, and hence complete your sales pipeline with new leads, your CRM with important updates or BI tool with new data.

Official sources. Among our data sources, we can also name the Companies House and public filings /stock exchanges, Governmental institutions, annual reports, web research and more. Regardless of the source, we make sure that each entry and the listing thereof is compliant with GDPR and other legal acts so that we ensure legal use of the data provided to all our clients.

Global Database patented technology. Our in-house patented technology allows us to collect, update and verify data entries in almost real-time. Moreover, we validate each email address featured in our global company database every 90 days, thus guaranteeing the accuracy of the contact information and ensuring that you do reach the person you need in the company that matters to you.

Government Agencies

What Kind of Data We Get:
Financial Information

Sales Domestic & Global

Profit & Loss


Pre-Tax Profit

Sales 1 Year Growth %

Operating Profit

Company Information

Company Type

State of Incorporation

Industry Classification

Employee Size

Registered Address

Registration Number

Ownership Type

Year Founded

Parent Country/Region

Employees Information


Date of Birth

Country of Residence


First & Last Name


In-House Applications & Data Collection Team

What Kind of Data We Get:
Digital Insights Information

Website Ranking

Website Traffic

Traffic Source

Performing Keywords

Top Back Links

Who is Information

Hosting Providers

Technology Used

Company Information

Global Ultimate Company Name

Industry classification

Registered Address

Country Origin

Company Type

Company Phone

Website URL

Company Email

Fax Number

Employee Number


Import/Export Status

Top 3 Competitors' eCommerce flag

Social Contact Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter etc.)

Location Type (HQ/SL/Branch)

Company Type (Public /Private)


Naics Codes

Employees Information

First & Last Name

Job Function

Seniority Level

Employees 1 Year Growth %

Country of Residence

Our Data Accuracy

No reputable B2B data provider can guarantee 100% accuracy for their data. The nature of this industry makes it impossible to achieve perfection, and we believe in transparency rather than making false claims or empty promises.

For example, every 60 minutes, only in USA:


business will open


companies will move


employees will change their job title

So how do we ensure that our data is accurate?

Ensuring the accuracy of our data is a top priority for us. We employ a rigorous process to maintain the reliability of the information we provide. Here's how we accomplish that

Extensive Data Sources: We gather data from diverse and reputable sources, including government agencies, Companies House, stock exchanges, public filings, and other trusted sources. This wide range of inputs ensures that our data is comprehensive and up to date.

Regular Updates: We pull new data daily, ensuring that our database remains current. By continuously refreshing our information, we strive to capture any changes or updates that may occur in the business landscape.

Email Validation: We understand the importance of accurate email addresses. To maintain high deliverability rates, we validate each email address in our database every 90 days. This proactive approach helps us achieve email deliverability rates of up to 90%, surpassing many of our competitors in this aspect.

Quality Assurance: We have a dedicated team that conducts thorough quality assurance checks on our data. Through meticulous verification processes, we aim to minimize errors and inconsistencies, providing our clients with reliable and trustworthy information.

How is data updated

Government Agencies

On Demand

Publicly Available Data

On Demand

Partnership with Data Providers


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