InfoDataPlace company contact database lets you find decision makers, fast


Business profiles

Infodataplace maintains a database of more than 100 million business profiles (contacts), a number that continues to grow on a daily basis. Our contact database is global, highly accurate, and ranges from B2B enterprises to one-man shows.


Decision makers email addresses

Over 70 million decision makers' email addresses are available in our database of the most sought-after prospects. Keep your CRM up-to-date and send prospect outreach emails with our verified email addresses.


Decision makers direct dials

Providing access to over 50 million direct dials for B2B decision makers, InfoDataPlace enables you to identify and reach your most unreachable prospects. Avoid ghosting prospects on your social media networks. Info Data Place lets you connect with prospects, no matter where they’re working from.


Full companies profiles

It doesn’t matter if you know the company you’d like to reach out to, or if you haven’t yet discovered them. With a database of over 35 million full company profiles, Infodataplace allows you to find and connect with your future customers.

Email Campaign Services

Are you still waiting for the right way to promote your products and services?

Then your search stops here. InfoDataPlace has discovered cost-effective solutions to reach your prospects with our B2B Marketing Data. Our service lets you persuade an e-mail campaign activity to the right customer at the right time, influencing your customers and targets with the critical information they seek.

Our email campaigns are unique, and we wish to bring diversity to all our activities to offer excellent email campaign services. We provide real-time marketing solutions based on individual needs, and you will see your business growing with more values and virtues once you subscribe to our email campaign service.

How we collect our data

In-house team. No matter how advanced modern technology is, it will not fully replace human-verified capabilities any time soon. This is why our in-house team collects, organizes, and validates a wide range of datasets daily. On top of that, our Inhouse alert system allows you to set up the changes you’d like to be notified of and to complete your sales pipeline with new leads.

Official sources. Our data sources include Companies House, public filings, stock exchanges, government institutions, annual reports, web research, etc. Regardless of the source, we ensure that each entry and listing comply with GDPR and other legal acts to assure the legal use of the data provided to all our clients.

Our in-house data appending tools allow us to collect, update and verify data entries in almost real time. Moreover, we validate each email address featured in our global company database every 90 days. This guarantees the accuracy of the contact information and ensures that you reach the person you need in the company that matters to you.